From Design to Inception: An Interview with one of Mannarinu’s Top Chefs

We look at all of these mouth-watering desserts, cakes, and cute little bites and appreciate their beauty, but do we ever stop to think about what goes into making them? Read our interview with one of Mannarinu Caterer’s formidable chefs to get some insight into what goes on behind the making of these artistic treats.

1. What’s the craziest cake you’ve ever created?

The craziest cake we’ve ever made was a wedding cake for an Indian Couple. The bottom tier alone was 1.5 meters diameter. Over 50 kg of sugar paste was used to cover the whole cake and it took 2 chefs working over 24 hours to complete it!

2. Can you tell us something about the cake-making process?

First, one of our pastry chefs meets up with the client and comes up with the concept and design of the cake. Typically, one chef works on a cake alone, but it all depends on its size and amount of work required to finish it.

3. What are the most popular cake flavours? What about your personal favourites?

The most popular cake flavour is definitely Chocolate, as well as Red-Velvet and the Vanilla Bean Cake. I personally have a soft spot for the Chocolate, Peanut and Caramel Cake.

4. What’s your favourite part of the cake-making process?

I particularly love adding the final touches and the satisfaction of seeing the final product after all the hard work that goes into making it. 

5. What’s the most challenging part?

That would have to be capturing what the client has in mind and transforming it into reality.

6. What do you take into account when you come up with new ideas for bite-sized items and set menus?

One has to take into consideration the type of event, duration, season, the individual’s budget and the style they’re going for, and other factors such as whether it is an indoor or outdoor venue.

7. Can you tell us something about the artistic side of the mini bites you create?

In recent years, the business of making canapes has come a long way since the dark old days of cheese and pineapple sticks (although we love those too), and has been elevated to an art form, sometimes referred to as canapé chic.

Nowadays, the Internet is a useful tool to keep us up-to-date with new ideas and concepts.

The aesthetic aspect of mini-bites is crucial, and since everything is so small, it takes practice to get everything perfect. There are a lot of tiny details involved in the making of these bite-sized morsels, and it is these very details that differentiate one catering company from another.

8. If you could cater for any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Probably anyone in the industry would love the opportunity to cater for multi-Michelin star chef, restaurateur, and TV personality, Gordon Ramsay. As intimidating as he is, he always calls a spade a spade, so it would be great to get his honest point of view of our catering!