Christmas Lunch Traditions Worldwide

Although cultures and languages may differ all across the world, there’s certainly one thing that unites us all - and that’s food, especially when it comes to stuffing ourselves silly during holiday celebrations. And what better holiday to do so than Christmas? From the relatively conventional to the downright bizarre, here’s our list of Christmas lunch traditions across the globe - brought to you by leading catering company in Malta, Mannarinu. 

 1. Italy: The Feast of the Seven Fishes

Held on Christmas Eve, this ginormous spread is certainly not for the faint of stomach. Although the ritual states that seven different fish must be prepared in seven different ways and served throughout the evening, it’s been known to go up to 12 or 13 courses! This tradition is also hugely popular with Italian-Americans on the other side of the pond, with the most famous dish being baccala (salted cod) and calamari.

2. The Netherlands: Gourmetten

The Dutch are pretty hands-on when it comes to Christmas lunch; gourmetten refers to a popular dinner tradition where everyone at the table cooks their own little dishes on their own gourmet drilling devices. These dishes could include miniature steaks, tiny hamburgers, schnitzels and a variety of fish and vegetables. You might end up smelling like a fast food kitchen at the end of the day, but the Dutch don’t seem to mind!

3. Australia: Shrimp on the Barbie

Ah, the land of Oz - where you can spend Christmas wearing a swimsuit on the beach without freezing to death. The Australians take advantage of the hot weather down under and celebrate the day with a good old traditional BBQ, with prawns being the most popular seafood dish.

4. South Africa: Fried Worms

Fed up of the usual turkey spread every year? Why not try Mopane, otherwise known as fried Emperor Moth caterpillars. It’s a traditional Christmas side dish with South Africans; many even consider it a delicacy. Yum?

5. Greenland: Kiviak

The indigenous people of Greenland are nothing if not… creative, when it comes to thinking up original winter foods. Kiviak is a good example: the recipe consists of dead birds (called Auks) which are packed into the body of a seal and left there for seven months to ferment. This delicacy is often eaten for Christmas, along with special events like weddings and birthdays.

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