BBQ home packages

The weather is getting warmer Summer is just around the corner. We have officially launched our BBQ Home Packages! 🍖♨️

Guilty Pleasures

These sure are Indulgious, but in terms of your waistline, they're not doing you any favours.
Wow! Thank you all! 💖Due to high demand and the love you are all sharing for our Figollini, we will be keeping them around a while longer! that's right! this scrumptious traditional easter twist will now be on the shelves #all #year #round!


"We love food and that’s why we love what we do."

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Beyond our 50 years of operation, we are notably acclaimed for creating Malta’s finest food and special wedding experiences. We have created a team of culinary professionals that have continued to “Wow” our customers with amazing culinary creations. We offer a variety of services; our courteous and knowledgeable staff supports the success of your event, allowing you time to focus on more important matters.

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